If you have a passion for Esports, but aren’t sure where you can learn the nuances and techniques that make it so special look no further than Harrisburg University (HU). When considering Esports, it’s important to understand that not everything revolves around being a professional player. Just as with regular sports, a multitude of careers touch the Esports industry, making it laden with opportunities for students and graduates alike. HU is at the forefront of helping students achieve the professional knowledge needed to succeed in the Esports industry.

HUE is the annual Harrisburg University Esports Invitational hosted during the university’s fall semester and is one of the largest collegiate esports tournaments in the country. Teams from across the country converge on downtown Harrisburg to compete for the title of HUE Invitational Champion.

We see collegiate Esports as an all-around great opportunity: Our student players have the opportunity to pursue degrees in today’s hot fields, compete under a world-class coaching staff, and learn in our state-of the-art practice space. Working alongside HU’s student support staff, our coaches teach our varsity players team-building fundamentals, emphasize time management, and connect them with counselors/emotional support.

Students must complete an admissions application and complete the FAFSA (if eligible). While all students who apply to HU are automatically considered for an academic scholarship, students who make the team will have their scholarships updated to reflect the varsity scholarships.